Hello everyone!

It’s time for one of my (unfortunately) rare blog posts, and this time I’ve got a wonderful gift for you that I do hope you accept.

If you’ve ever struggled, felt frustration or overwhelm when it came to parenting; OR if you’ve wondered how you can raise your children in this day and age being able to stay true to who they are and be happy at the same time, then take a look at this!!

My colleague and friend, Trisha Savoia, founder and owner of Absolute Awareness, invited me to write an article for The Soulful Parent: How to Nurture Your Child’s True Self, and Set the Stage for Growth, Success & Fulfillment.

It is designed to inspire and coach you to parent from the heart.  As you may already know, today’s children are different.  They are more sensitive, more feeling, more open, and more self-aware.  Because of this we need to examine our old style of parenting and learn new ways to parent these children.

This amazing resource consists of 23 articles written by a diverse group of visionaries, each sharing their own unique perspective and wisdom.  These articles will change your outlook on your parenting and really hit home as to how big of a deal being a parent really is.  I always say it…bringing kids into this world is the most common thing ever, yet the most miraculous and sacred of blessings.  And our efforts are worth it!

And this invaluable resource is totally FREE!

This book is perfect for you if you:

  • love your children dearly, but can’t help feeling frustrated and overwhelmed at times
  • feel guilt a lot of the time, too tired to be in the moment
  • doubt your “gut instinct”
  • question how your life is turning out
  • find yourself snapping at your children and spouse
  • are rushing from activity to activity, never with a clear direction
  • feel like you are banging your head against the wall, stuck with what is
  • wonder if you’re being the best person & parent you can be

Be among the first to change the landscape of how we parent by jumping inside this digital ebook:

The Soulful Parent eBook
I only share top notch info that I am passionate about, so don’t miss out!

Enjoy and much love!


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