Workshop is now 12 -4pm (registration at noon, start at 12:30, ending any time between 3:30 and 4:30).

So I’m up late, and supposed to be finishing up my presentation for Saturdays’ workshop, but instead I decided to write.  Considering that I’ve only started this site and that not too many readers will see this post before Saturday, I’m thinking that I’m doing some good procrastinating right now. I should be sleeping!  At bare minimum, I should be working on something else.  And yes, those are chicken feet that were lovingly used to make broth by this former near 20-year vegan/vegetarian.  I could drink broth all day…

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about the workshop I have coming up where I am asking you “Do you have the guts that it takes to succeed?”  And I mean this very literally.  If your guts aren’t working properly, if they are compromised to some degree, then you are not achieving your full potential…physically, emotionally…even spiritually.  We have a powerful and wonderful ecosystem in our bodies, and it has been under attack by our modern ways and by us no longer using traditional knowledge.  So much so, that the lack of good bacteria in the gut is leading to severe conditions such as autism, depression, dyslexia and more.  Yes, these disorders start in the gut!  Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride has treated hundreds of autistic children, and not one has ever had a properly working gut.  This is something to pay attention to!

So this Saturday I am doing a nutrition workshop based on my ‘Ten Tenets of Stable Nutrition for a Stellar Life’, with a major focus on gut health.  Improve your guts and you’ll increase your energy, sharpen your focus and think more clearly. The gut is our second brain, and if it is dirty then we are foggy.

I will also be making a course around this at some point, so that will eventually be available too!

Here’s the link to learn more if you are interested: