Links and Resources

There are many wonderful resources out there for you, fascinating and enlightening at the same time.  Here are some of my favourites:


This is the site of Naomi Aldort, author of my favourite parenting books “Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves”.  Naomi’s approach is the most respectful of our children that I have seen.  She gives children their voice and lets us know that they are not broken…they are whole and they are to be treated as equals and with respect.  I recommend her book for any parent.  Her site is also full of wise advice by this mother of three grown boys.  Give it a browse!

The site of the wonderful Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, who travels the globe conducting ‘birthshops’ so that we can finally get our ‘ick’ out of the way and live the life we are here to live.  These birthshops are for anyone, man or woman. 

However, mamas-to-be,  if you are able to attend one of Elena’s birthshops prior to giving birth, please do!  This is a way to ensure the best birth experience for you and baby, and stops the cycle of the passing on birth trauma to subsequent generations.  What a gift to be able to give our babes the purest start possible!!

APPPAH is a public-benefit educational and scientific organization offering information, inspiration, and support to medical professionals, expecting parents and all persons interested in expanding horizons of birth psychology. 

Thank you to all of the researchers and therapists in this field who have shown us over the last 30 years just how key the formative years are (time in the womb, the childbirth experience and the early childhood years) and how they shape who we become. 

The quality of your pregnancy, childbirth experience and parenting all matter so very much, and this is where you can find the proof!

Looking for more courses and information around parenting, education, personal development, health and nutrition? Look no further than the BodyMind Institute where you can access loads of online courses in video/audio format for ease of access to quality and life-improving information. 

Register Now and get the Free Student Pass, where you can access loads info at no cost and no obligation!  And the Free Student Pass continues to grow, so the education will keep on coming!

My friend Megan Woods is a creative genius!  Don’t take my word for it, check out her site and all the beautiful items she has created from wool, cotton, leather…anything!

Looking for that special and unique item for your child?  For yourself? 

Talk to Megan…I’m sure she can take care of you.

There is much time to be spent on Michael Mendizza’s site “Touch the Future”.  Michael brings together many pioneers in the fields of pre and perinatal psychology, parenting, education and so much more.  Plenty of articles and videos to capture your attention for hours.



I’m coming across more and more wonderful blogs.  Here are some of my top picks:

Peaceful Parenting is simply put, an amazing blog.  Danelle brings to the forefront so many wonderful articles on all the vital topics that I have included in my online program, including circumcision, extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping and all that contributes to peacefully raising healthy, loving, well-adjusted beings.  Really great stuff here, thank you Danelle!

Tiffany has a great site in Nature Moms where plenty of resources are given for leading a sustainable, healthy family life.  Learn about products, foods, creative ideas for your kids and other general information for a satisfying life.



There many valuable books out there that I recommend for your bookshelf.  Most of these I have read, the others I intend to read as soon as I am able…much wisdom is to be gleaned from these pages that has helped and guided me on my pregnancy and parenting journey.  I have even had the honour of interviewing several of these authors for Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide.

Shop at!






Birth As We Know ItA stunning look at how ‘uneventful’ childbirth can be.  A beautiful film, directed by Elena-Tonetti-Vladimirova, that reminds and teaches women how beautiful the experience of giving birth can be.  Not to be missed!

Nature, Nurture and the Power of LoveDr. Bruce Lipton – one of my favorite ‘consciousness scientists’.  He so clearly explains the actually biology of parenting.  A must-see for any parent or parent-to-be.

The Magical Child’s Transcendent MindFascinating explanation of brain development in the early child and how what we as parents do shapes that development. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where one can obtain a copy of this DVD, but if you come across it, please be sure to grab it while you can.