Sascha Recommends

Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide 

An AMAZING online course!  Ok, so I’m a bit biased here as I am the creator of this course, but truly, if I had found anything like it out there, I wouldn’t have had to create it. 

There is so much vital information available to us, but it is not getting to the mainstream.  This to me is a travesty, so I have made it my goal to provide this valuable information regarding creating super healthy, well-adjusted children all in one simple place in a convenient video/audio format. 

So much of who we are as adults was set in our formative years, those being our time in the womb, our childbirth experience and our early childhood years.  How we parent our children matters and this course will show you why and how you can support the ultimate potential of your child.  Please take a look!


Living Libations 

Nadine Artemis makes the most beautiful, clean and effective products on the market.  I challenge you to find cleaner, more luscious personal care products anywhere on the planet! 

Whether you are looking for beautiful skin, oral or hair care, or you simply want to smell gorgeous, this is the place for you.  Once you try it, you simply can’t go back!


Ultimate Raw Nutrition Certification Course 

David Wolfe is on the cutting edge of nutrition information, and this is your opportunity to have him teach you all that he knows right in your own home, whenever you like! 

Not a raw foodist?  No problem, this is information that anyone can incorporate into their lives, regardless of lifestyle.  You’ll learn about superfoods, cancer prevention secrets, little know information about water and way too much more to list here. 

There is no course of its kind out there and that is a fact.  Check it out for yourself to see what is in store for you.


Vibes Up 

Kaitlyn Keyt makes understanding energy fun and exciting!  Not only that, she has AMAZING products to help protect your health and to get your vibes way up! 

These products are becoming more and more important in a world where cell towers and wireless networks are ubiquitous in the environment.  So much information on this site and lots of fun products to browse.