Pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, nutrition, health, wellness, consciousness…these are the topics that excite and fascinate me.  And now, finally, after many months of trying to find the time to perfect this site (I still can’t figure out how to make the #@^%&^ fonts work on every browser…if this doesn’t look that great to you, that’s why!), I’ve decided on ‘down’ with perfection and ‘up’ with getting my message out there and perfecting things along the way (a never-ending journey, to be sure).

So welcome to my blog, In One Generation!

So what is it all about?  What is my message?  Well…my message is about gathering and relaying the messages of many.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have my own thoughts and expertise, but there are so many people doing great things; people from whom I have learned and who continue to expand my world, and I want you and your families to benefit too.

It all started when I became pregnant…actually, before I got pregnant, but I will give you the (somewhat) abridged version.  Once I became pregnant, I was hit by the power of my feminine role and my responsibility to do whatever I could possibly do to create and support the most healthy, fully actualized life within my abilities.  That meant books, DVDs, experts…and lots of them!

Now, as you know, there is a lot of information out there.  The problem with that is that there is a lot of confusing, misleading, and downright harmful information out there.  So how do you choose?  This is where my years of research in the areas of nutrition (I am a holistic nutritionist), health, quantum chemistry (supported by a B.Sc. in Chemistry), and consciousness came in handy.  I knew there was ground-breaking, difference-making, true-potential-supporting information available, and I knew where to find it.

So here I was reading Ina May Gaskin, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Thomas Verney, Jean Liedloff, Michael Mendizza, Dr. Weston Price and more, and I became evermore enlightened as to how to give this child of mine what he needs and how to get the hell out of the way to allow him to be who he came here to be. I had no intention of messing him up so that he’d have to spend a large part of his adulthood life recovering from his childhood (we’ll see how I do).  Are you are in recovery mode?

So fast forward 18 months into my son’s life and I could not suppress it anymore.  I HAD to create a way to get all of this information into one place and get it out to the mainstream.  This is not new information, yet so few people know about it.  Why?  Regardless of the reason, I have joined the ranks of many wonderful others in raising awareness and educating around what impact our choices have on our children.  I mean, really, is what we are currently doing working?  Why are we so sick?  Why can’t we conceive?  Why are IQs falling? Why are we so fat?  Why are we so addicted…to drugs, to consuming, to sugar and junk food, to being victims?  We need to ask why!!!

So what did I come up with?  I created an online program called Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide, and it is fantastic!  I have been blessed to interview many experts, some of them world renowned, including David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Jean Liedloff, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, Naomi Aldort, Kaitlyn Keyt and more.  POWERFUL!  You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard “I wish there was a course like this when I had my kids”.

How a baby is conceived, carried in the womb and brought into this world dramatically and unequivocally affects the outcome of who that eventual teenager and adult will become.  Our early beginnings are intimately connected to our fears, beliefs, levels of confidence, feelings of worthiness and so on.  What we do as parents matters, and it matters a great deal.

Now, I know that parenting is an extremely personal topic.  In no way do I ever intend to blame, place guilt or judge anyone.  It is not about that…it’s about doing the best that we can with the information that we’ve got, and always knowing that there is room to grow and evolve.  Perfection is a low standard, so striving for it is pointless.  But burying your head in the sand, or striving for status quo and mediocrity, this too is pointless and, in my opinion, irresponsible.  Since when has mediocrity led to any positive change in the world?  I have always wondered why so many people strive for it.  To me, the only way that we can do our best is to be constantly learning and growing, and to be willing to step out of, and as a result expand, our comfort zone.

I am a researcher and a truth seeker, passionate about life and empowering through educating.  I am always willing to turn and say “I was wrong. I thought this, but now I know better”, and live my life from that new perspective.   What is true for me may not be true for you, but there are some underlying truths that hold true for all, one of which being that we all deserve and need to be loved madly and without condition from the moment we are conceived, if not before.

By changing our attitudes and accepted practices around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, we will change the quality of the people on the planet and we will see our world transformed, and it can be done In One Generation.  So please come back often and join me on a journey of discovering why we are the way we are and how we can leave a legacy of thriving health, both physical AND emotional, for our children.  I guarantee that it will be fun, insightful, educational, and likely, at times, a little uncomfortable.

Much love,