Daniel Vitalis, the creator of the Surthrival line…a man with a great message and someone we can learn a lot from when it comes to restoring health and vitality to ourselves and to the planet.  I interviewed him in June of 2011 and finally got to editing it many months later.  Once editing, I was reminded of how important and powerful the interview was – thank you Daniel.  So powerful, in fact, that I decided to not keep the information for myself but to share with the public so that anyone can start implementing what he talks about and start learning more about it if they choose.

Our children today are not healthy…they are overweight, on drugs, addicted to video games and TV, their learning has slowed down, they are out of touch with nature… Maybe yours are the lucky ones and have a different reality, or perhaps you are wondering how you can provide a better outcome for your children (and for yourself, for that matter).  If so, then please click on the link below and enjoy what Daniel has to say.  AND, you will get a special bonus interview coming your way in a day or so.

Enjoy, and please share if you enjoyed the interview.  This is information that needs to be shared.  Our children deserve it.

Thank you!

Love Sascha