I am so excited to share this upcoming FREE summit with you!  For those of you who do not know, Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch of the Raw Food World are launching their Conscious Parenting Summit on May 22nd, and I want you to know about it.  I believe the time has arrived for our awareness to shift around our roles as parents and just how much they matter!

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart…so much so, that after the birth of my son, I create an online course around just this type of material!  In fact, I’ve personally interviewed several people featured in this event, so I know first hand just how amazing this is going to be!

And why am I so excited?  Because it’s about time that this information gets out into the mainstream, and we need some high profile people to get it out there!!  God knows I’ve been trying!

And this is information is very timely, in my opinion.  Attachment Parenting (or Continuum Parenting) has been getting a lot of press lately, and it hasn’t been all good, to say the least.  Critics are calling this an ‘extreme’ form of parenting, when really, this is simply a return to the way we were raised over millenia.  It’s more important than ever before to share the information of these experts to educate parents and parents-to-be on the most important job there is.  It is worth it, and you will learn why in the Conscious Parenting Summit.

The quality of our time in the womb, our birth experience, and our upbringing during our early years stays with us for our whole lives and creates who we are.  What we experience during those times of  life programs our subconscious minds, which is the level from which we operate most of the time (95% of the time, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton).  Imagine what this world would look like if we were only filled with positive, pure love programs!  Super heroes would walk the earth!

Please sign up for this summit, whether you are a parent, will be a parent, or are not a parent.  If not a parent, you will gain insights as to why you are the way you are, and for parents out there…this should be required learning!  It’s fascinating and it makes you look at the world in a whole new, aware and wonderful way.  You will learn about childbirth options, effective parenting tips, what Attachment Parenting is, and alternative to potty training, circumcision truth, what birth trauma is and how you can heal (and why you should even care about it in the first place) and so much more.

Enjoy and pass the message on!   The Conscious Parenting Summit