About Sascha

Hello, and thanks for visiting! 

My name is Sascha Kalivoda and I am the creator of this site.      

First, let me explain the name.

Having learned what I know in the pregnancy and parenting world through my research, conducting many interviews and my own experience, I have discovered that we are doing a huge disservice to our children with our predominant attitudes and beliefs around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Who we become as adults LARGELY depends on the quality of our formative years, i.e. our time in the womb, the way we were born and our early childhood years.

Couple this with an increasingly toxin-filled, nutrient-depleted world, where we have sterilized our external environment and largely reduced our inner-microbial diversity, and we have a recipe for disaster for our future generations.

Now before you go and think that I am all doom and gloom,  I will let you know that I am absolutely not!

I have incredible belief in the human body to heal, and in the grace of Mother Nature to restore the extreme damage we have wrought on our planet. The problem is that the time we have to make new choices and start restoring both planetary and human health is running out.  This may sound crazy to you, but if you take the time to learn the current stats [e.g. US autism rate as of early 2019 being 1 in 40 children (which has doubled in the last 6 short years), glyphosate being the most used herbicide worldwide (see the blog for more information on why we should care about this and choose non-GMO), and a current generation expected to live a shorter lifespan than their parents for the first time in history], you will soon find that no economy can support the level of disease and general ill-health we are currently experiencing. It’s simply unmanageable and unsustainable.  And I didn’t even mention the rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, cancer…ok, ok I’ll stop…

So my mission here is to encourage as many people to start making different choices TODAY, to start affecting our future tomorrow.  If enough of us start making the switch to non-GMO and organic foods, to consciously birthing our children without considering each birth to be a medical emergency, to raising our children to be critical thinkers who ask questions rather than simply doing what they are told (not the easy path, but the essential path), to reconnecting with nature and growing some of our own food, to bringing wisdom back into the kitchen via traditional food preparation such as fermentation – if more of us could do just SOME of these things – then in one simple generation we will see a vast change in the health of our people and our earth.  We don’t even have to set out to change the world, we just need to make a new choice and make that powerful vote with our dollars to effect change on a massive scale.  I know we can do it!   

So who am I?  Well, I am a wife, a mother and a woman on a mission to educate and inspire others to seek a healthier path in life. My background is in chemistry and nutrition, and I continue to build on my knowledge daily through my own research and have a passion in uncovering the truth to optimal health, rather getting caught up in the current fad (not that I haven’t done that before!).  In this age of information, ignorance is optional; however, with the vast amount of conflicting information, it is not always easy to decipher which way to go, especially when you are first starting out.  And sometimes, we just have to make a few mistakes, or go through our own stages of evolution as we keep on learning what is best for our own bodies.  But I hope to for those for whom this site rings true, that I will help lighten your load and help you fast-track your health education and awareness, whether it be by working somehow directly with me, or by simply reading some of the words I have to say.

I love creating, smelling, eating, and sharing delicious, nourishing food.  That being said, my opinions around nutrition have vastly changed over the years…I have come from being a meat eater, to vegetarian, to vegan, to vegetarian again, and then full circle back to meat eater and enjoying quality, humanely raised meats and animal products.  To me, it’s not necessarily always the ‘what’ that we are eating, but more importantly, the quality and sourcing of the ‘what’.  And even more importantly, getting back to basics and really paying attention to what we used to do nutritionally and seasonally when only a fraction of our entire population had a chronic disease diagnosis, rather than the current 46% of children (this is a US statistic, but Canadians are not far behind).

Within this site, my two biggest passions – health education and raising well-adjusted children – have been combined. I am offer an online resource at a fraction of the cost I sold it for once upon a time to encourage parents to really thing about the parents they want to be and the long-term outcomes they want for their children. As parents, we all know that sometimes it is so much easier to act in order to get an immediate result, but I encourage you to think about what those actions will do in the long-term.  I am always working on this and some days I  do better than others, that’s for sure! and also in the content you find on this website.  I do hope you like what you see and come back to visit…often!  If you have any comments, please post them as I’d love to hear from you. 

I hope you enjoy the wonder of your parenting journey as much as I do!

Much love,

(To learn a bit more about who I am, see my first blog post.)