About Sascha

Hello, and thanks for visiting! 

My name is Sascha Kalivoda and I am the creator of this site… In One Generation.     

First, let me explain the name.

Having learned what I know in the pregnancy and parenting world through my research and own experience, I have discovered that we are doing a huge disservice to the children of this earth with our predominant attitudes and beliefs around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Who we become as adults LARGELY depends on the quality of our formative years, i.e. our time in the womb, the way we were born and our early childhood years.

All of those experiences imprint in our emotional brain and contribute to our beliefs about ourselves and our place in this world. Now, if you stop for a moment and take a look around you while you ponder what you just read, you might realize that society is reflecting to us that there is room for improvement around how we bring children into this world and raise them.  How many intrinsically happy people do you know?  Exactly.

I firmly believe that if we transform our attitudes towards pregnancy and childbirth to one that holds these sacred, and if we come to understand that if we provide a loving, trusting and respectful environment for our children as they grow, then we will see the transformation of the people of this earth, and as a result, a healed earth.  The result could be no other.

So who am I?  Well, firstly I am a mother to an amazing little boy who astounds me daily and the partner to the most loving, helpful and conscious man on the planet.  Life is good!  I am blessed to be on this wonderful parenting journey with a man who, like me, is always seeking the truth and looking to be a little better than he was yesterday.  I am also a holistic nutritionist and have been passionate about all things supporting optimal health for nearly two decades. 

I love creating, smelling, eating, and sharing delicious, nourishing food.  That being said, my opinions around nutrition have vastly changed over the years…I have come from being a meat eater, to vegetarian, to vegan, to vegetarian again, and just recently, full circle back to meat eater and enjoying quality, humanely raised meats and animal products.  To me, it’s not necessarily the ‘what’ that we are eating, but more importantly, the quality of the ‘what’.

Now my two biggest passions – health and raising well-adjusted children – have been combined in a course I offer called Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide, and also in the content you find on this website.  I do hope you like what you see and come back to visit…often!  If you have any comments, please post them as I’d love to hear from you. 

I hope you enjoy the wonder of your parenting journey as much as I do!

Much love,

(To learn a bit more about who I am, see my first blog post.)